Membership in First Congregational Church is open to all who confess a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and who have undergone baptism, either as a child or as an adult (this is a normative requirement of most Christian churches). Adults who wish to join the church and who have had no prior church membership join with the Minister for a series of Covenant classes, which outline the significance of Christian discipleship, the history and organization of our church, and what Congregationalism is all about.

Teens undergo a longer process of Confirmation classes, which draw together what they have learned in Sunday School and which also include a look at how the Bible was put together, basic Christian theology, the history of the Christian church, the significance of the Congregational Way and what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. The rite of Confirmation --- in which children own for themselves the vows that their parents took for them at their baptism --- is normally held on Pentecost Sunday.

Full members of First Congregational Church are entitled to vote at all church meetings.

Because the church is incorporated, however. those under the age of eighteen are prohibited by State law from voting on matters financial.

Associate Membership is available for those who wish to affiliate with the church, but who hold their primary residence outside the Bingham area or who, for reasons of their own, wish to retain their primary membership in another church because of its denominational affiliation. Associate members may vote at church meetings and serve on committees, but they may not hold office.

When one joins the church, he or she receives the Right Hand of Fellowship from the Minister and the members of the Diaconate. All the members of the church then unite in reciting the Church Covenant, and receive Communion together.

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