Church Governance
  The name of our church describes its form of government --- congregational. Every Congregational church is self-governing. It owns its own property, calls its own minister, and controls its own finances. It is not merely a democracy, however; ideally, it is a theocracy, with the church governing itself under the sovereignty of Jesus Christ and with the guidance of Christ’s Spirit. Christ is our final authority as a church; it is to him and his will that we look, as his will is revealed to us through Scripture and through prayer.

First Congregational Church holds its Annual Meeting during the third week in May. Special church meetings are held as necessity warrants. Between meetings, the week-to-week operation of the church is carried out by the members of the Diaconate, who assist the Minister in the spiritual work of the church; the Prudential Committee, which oversees the church’s real and financial properties; and the Church Committee, which functions in a triple capacity as an advisory board, a planning committee for church programs, and as the church’s missions committee. These three groups meet on a regular basis.

The church also has a Christian Education Committee and a Nominating Committee. In addition, special ad hoc committees and task forces are elected or appointed from time to time to deal with particular needs that arise.

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