Denominational Connections
  First Congregational Church is in fellowship with a body of churches whose history is a long and illustrious one, going all the way back to the earliest days of colonial New England and beyond. The Pilgrims who came to the South Shore of Massachusetts in 1620 and settled the town of Plymouth were Congregationalists, part of an irenic Calvinist group called Separatists in their native England, who felt led of God to separate themselves from the Church of England and its then very authoritarian episcopal form of government. The story of the Pilgrims and their legacy is wonderfully told in The Congregational Way of Life by Arthur A. Rouner, Jr., and The Lord’s Free People by Harry R. Butman, both of which are available in our church’s Crombie-Matheson Memorial Library.

First Congregational Church also enjoys close fellowship with its sister Congregational churches in Somerset County: the Solon Congregational Church, The Church of Christ of The Forks and West Forks, the First Congregational Church of North Anson, the Skowhegan Federated Church, and the First Congregational Church of Norridgewock. The churches meet together periodically for worship and fellowship, and the pastors meet on a regular basis for breakfast and conversation. Together we form the Somerset County Congregational Fellowship, with roots going back to the Somerset Conference of Congregational Churches, formed in 1829.

The “continuing” (non-UCC) Congregational churches in Maine constitute the Congregational Christian Council of Maine (CCC/ME), which currently consists of forty member churches spread across the state. The CCC/ME maintains a state office in Portland. It enables its member churches to come together for mutual counsel and fellowship at semiannual spring and fall meetings. The Maine State Pilgrim Fellowship is the youth arm of the CCC/ME, and meets concurrently. In addition, the CCC/ME provides a very special outreach to youth and adults through Camp Winniaugwamauk (“Camp Winni”) in Brooksville, a facility shared with The Community of Christ, where the CCC/ME conducts a lively and engaging camp ministry for two weeks every summer.

The CCC/ME maintains a Web presence at

Ecumenical Fellowship
  First Congregational Church enjoys very warm and cordial relationships with St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Parish in Bingham and with the Bingham Church of the Nazarene. The churches hold union services on special occasions, and the clergy frequently work closely together to help spread God’s Good News in Bingham and the surrounding area, as well as to help meet the needs of local citizens.  
Missions are a vital part of First Congregational Church’s outreach. We regularly support a variety of local, regional, national, and internationsl support and relief projects.
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